Diversiteit en inclusiviteit
Duurzaamheid en circulariteit

Summer Solstice

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For the works that I’m showing in this exhibition I reused the material (loam) that i have used in my previous works and transform it into a new shape. The work is inspired by memories of a community that I have lived with during the summertime called the Rainbow Gathering. A group of people that comes together in a place around the world during the lunar cycle, to spend a month together trying to live in peace and harmony with eachother close to the heartbeat of Mother Nature.

Artist statement

My years as a maker at HKU, I have been primarily concerned with work that is created from material. Often the work starts from the material, and therefore the material is the context of the work. From this material, forms and associations arise that come to me. Here my own lifestyle often comes to the fore, in which I feel very connected to nature, mother earth and all the organisms connected to it. Structures that other organisms make are already an art object in themselves for me; these organisms are not consciously aware of this and it is often built for practical and instinctive reasons.
For me it is important that we make things in a sustainable way, so that nature is burdened as little as possible, and perhaps we as creators can even give something back.
The materials I mainly use in my work are materials such as earth, sand, clay and straw. Which together form loam when mixed together. These materials together create a very sturdy construction material, which can only take on a different substance when you add water. When the water absorbs from this, the material becomes hard and firm again. Because of these transformative properties of the material, it is easily reused and can engage in a circular process of destruction and creation.
Over the past two years, the loam I have used has manifested itself in various sculptures. The work has taken a form for some time, until I decide that it may go into transformation into a new work. The work will eventually be able to be absorbed by the earth far into the future. And will live on in it. I would like to show that we as creators do not only have to take from nature, but can also give something back.


In 5 years I want to have found a way that I can share my creativity with others, in what way I don't know yet, and i will try not to have expectations about my future, but surrender to what will come.

Learned during the studies

I have learned to look around me differently, things I see, I can find more beauty in them, and I see a greater connection between all that is happening and visible around me.