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Studying Light and Color

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The summer of 2022 was the first time I went back to my home country of Curacao since I moved to The Netherlands three and a half years ago. As a photographer, I always pay attention to the environment around me. When comparing the architecture and scenery from here and Curacao, one of the most notable differences is in color. The buildings are all covered in various vibrant and bright colors. A stark difference compared to The Netherlands.

For my project I researched why the photographs I take in The Netherlands are so different from those in Curacao and why I photograph what I do. I documented the results in my book: “Studying Light and Color”.

Printing in its diverse forms has been a fascination of mine ever since I first learned the many techniques. In addition to my research, I wanted to know what effect different print techniques have on my photographs. By conducting various experiments using risograph printing, screenprinting, laser and inkjet printing, I explore each technique and how it changes the nature and tone of the photograph.

Artist statement

As a designer, printmaker and photographer, I go through life observing everything around me. Always capturing moments in my life that inspires me to create and find fulfillment. My work is a means of self expression. It is an outlet for my state of mind where I explore my thoughts and fascinations. All I create is a reflection of my being.


I want to continue to develop my abilities so that I can make a living off my work and collaborate with other creatives.

I would also like to experience more about the world and all it has to offer. I want to discover who I can be when I am pushed to do the unimaginable. Above all, gain expiriences and learn from others.

Learned during the studies

Be bold! Nobody makes work the way you do or looks at the world the way you do; trust yourself to bring your ideas/ thoughts/ projects into the world. Always stay true to yourself and your interests and avoid making comparisons.