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Artist statement

Crafting spaces with time, materials, people, and imagination.

Moving around , the constant adaptation has shaped my artistic practice and deepened my understanding of the human need for community.

Growing up in India, surrounded by rich crafts and storytelling traditions, and with a background in History and exhibition design, I have always been fascinated by the interplay between tradition and innovation.
My work is driven by the question: "How do I craft a space that fosters a sense of community by infusing elements of fiction?"
This inquiry, rooted in my nomadic upbringing, guides my exploration of scenography.

My transition to the Netherlands has been a period of discovery and experimentation. I have delved into virtual reality, sonic scenography, dramaturgy, and spectatorship, expanding my understanding of scenography beyond visual arts to embrace its performative and experiential dimensions. This experience has also highlighted the nuances of different cultures, enriching my approach to creating inclusive and resonant spaces.

Each project is an opportunity to refine my methodologies, uncovering deeper insights into my craft (Scenography)
My goal is to bridge gaps between people and places, crafting spaces that invite exploration and connection, resonating with our shared human experience.


Create immersive spaces in galleries and museums that deeply connect with spectators. Picture this: people leaving with a strong sense of belonging and a newfound appreciation for the beauty of everyday life, like noticing the art in a perfectly toasted slice of bread. To get there, I’m focusing on an approach that ditches the overly romantic vibes in favor of something more relatable and down-to-earth—spaces that hit home and make you feel part of a larger story. My goal is to spark meaningful conversations and build a sense of community, making art an enriching experience that everyone, even the most skeptical, can enjoy.

Learned during the studies

On turning my personal experiences into professional magic, especially when expressing my political voice. Embracing "the savage eye" revealed the superpower of storytelling—think of it as my very own artistic superhero cape. I’ve come to treasure the everyday scenography of life, realizing that time and patience can turn strangers into friends (and sometimes even into people who remember your birthday).

I’ve also discovered my passion for bookbinding, which is like therapy but with more glue and fewer tears. Plus, I’ve learned the art of creating spaces where open, guilt-free conversations can bloom, whether it's with friends or total strangers. These insights have shown me how thoughtfully crafted environments and narratives can foster understanding and connection in our world, one beautifully bound book and heartfelt chat at a time.