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120 x 150 oil on cotton sduck

Artist statement

I can only be the age I am. Still I behold all the past years. While painting I have to be very much an adult and take distance, but I want to embrace the sensitive playful mind when coming up to an image. In my style, on the seemingly rebellious canvasses, every choice has its own sincere place. They range from Cheeky playful ones to heavier monochromes.

In the beginning of a new work phase I draw compulsively.
I draw from direct observation. I don’t take the drawings to the studio. With a clear aim but no sketch next to me, I try to find the picture again while painting. Observation comes before expression. The forms on the canvas then come to be observed again and they have their own will. Like being lost and found in a forest.


My goal is to paint for the rest of my life

Learned during the studies

Every published painting should be eye openingly fresh and widen the viewers sight.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Groupshow The conference of the birds, academy gallery Utrecht 2022

Group show stART, Factor IJ Amsterdam 2022

Group show Academy of Bulevardi 21, bulevardi 12 Helsinki 2021

Group show Anyway, Anywhere, Anyhow, Omstand Arnhem, 2021

Group show Turning Torrents, academy gallery Utrecht 2020