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Sometimes I am fourteen

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For my graduation I will exhibit a photo series, a photo book and a short documentary.

Project description:

Lawrence was born when I was eight years old.

The day before his birth my parents (both artists) were still working on their paintings. 'That's why I am such a great artist!' Lawrence exclaimed when he learnt this. Lawrence was born at ten forty-five at night, on Good Friday. Therefore his birth announcement declared: “It was a good Friday.”

And it was a good day for me too.

I already had a big brother and two younger sisters, with whom I am very close in age. Now there was this baby and I was big enough to hold him, carry him, caress him. And I have so many times.
Lawrence allows me to capture his childhood and puberty and, concurrently, contemplate my own. I recognize myself in him. In his daring and his fears. He stirs up my childhood memories and perhaps not only mine since we all have been fourteen sometimes.

There is this interwovenness between Lawrence and me that is palpable.

Lawrence and I understand each other and speak the same language, with words and without words. Because we share our lives and our childhood. Because we are both artists. Because there is a love between us, that is all around. The trust and the close bond we share, retains its strength when I hold my camera between the two of us.

Thank you, dear Lawrence. For the thousands of times you let me hold my camera in front of your face. For my good Friday and all the days after.

Artist statement

As a photographer and filmmaker I focus on intimacy and closeness.
I visualize the interrelatedness and trust between me and my subject. By making my projects personal, I believe that my audience will relate to my work, as we are all interconnected.


I aspire to expand my projects and scope as a photographer. I want to travel the world, capture beautiful moments and people. Besides that I want to continue to improve my video work and exhibit my artwork in museums, galleries and during art festivals all over the world.

Learned during the studies

I learned a lot during my studies at the University of the Arts Utrecht. For instance to trust myself in the process of photographing, how to engage a project and reflect on my work. My journey at the HKU made me the photographer I am today and I am very grateful for that.