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Smaller Pieces, Smaller Pieces!

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A question that I've got asked for most of my life is about my heritage. My answer is always entirely factual: "I am 1/2 Dutch, 1/4 Papuan, 1/8 Chinese, and 1/8 Burmese," even though I don’t know much about my Asian roots. With Smaller Pieces, Smaller Pieces! I dive into my family history. I’ve noticed that the Asian culture within my family is fading, which makes it essential to capture it before it gets lost. We have hundreds of objects, prints, documents, photos, and stories. The images capture so much more than just the people and their surroundings. These are artefacts that hold stories which shape my background. They feel close to me – part of me – yet, at the same time, very far away. As I collect and document this archive, I search for a connection with my ancestors.

In this publication, I summarise my Asian family history. I write letters to my great-grandparents, telling them what they mean to me. Based on the stories I heard, I ask questions to my family by connecting these queries to objects and photos from the archive.

Artist statement

Noa Wassink is a graphic designer with a love for editorial design and printed matter. With a visually captivating approach, she incorporates the viewer into her story while staying true to its narrative. She finds inspiration in Asian culture, blending these aesthetics with modern design. She aims to inspire and invite viewers to explore diverse perspectives.


I want to explore more in the field of printed matter by collaborating with others. By expanding my network, I hope to learn new perspectives. Ultimately, I aim to start my own design business based on my unique vision.

Learned during the studies

During my studies in Graphic Design, I discovered a new way of thinking that allowed me to find inspiration in my surroundings and, in turn, connect more deeply with myself.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

(2023) Smaller Pieces, Smaller Pieces!
(2022) Working Title (Working Title)
(2022) Found Footage & Familiar Features
(2021) Tijdschrift BLIK 14.2
(2021) Tijdschrift BLIK 14.1
(2020) ABRI Magazine, Academiegalerie Utrecht

(2021) RE-FRAME, online exhibition
(2020) Lost & Found, Google Maps group exhibition located at Hembrugterrein
(2019) Multiplicity, LE:EN

(2022) Second prize Koninklijke Jaarbeurs Posterwedstrijd 2022
(2021) Second prize Koninklijke Jaarbeurs Posterwedstrijd 2021

HKU Media Catalogue 2023

In collaboration with Isa Lebbink and Eva van der Hoek, I am designing this year's Graduation Catalogue for HKU Media. Our design concept revolves around resilience, embracing the creative process, and serves as a reflection of our time at HKU.