Ander maatschappelijk thema

Skaz-Ka: the Untold Stories

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Based on the mythical worlds of Russian folklore, I have created a Creature Design project for my final graduation exams. My intention was to design them in the context of a videogame and put a unique twist on them by using my own art style and vision.
Bosses that reside within various environments and lands are included in the final product, which includes the player character as well.
Through this medium, I wish to share with you the untold stories of Skaz-Ka.

Artist statement

From a very young age, I was captivated by the various and colorful worlds of video games, where I spent countless hours exploring the myths and stories. As a result of this, I realized I wanted to create all these things on my own. Especially the characters, within a mythological setting.


I am interested in becoming a creature designer and working as a freelance game artist in the videogame industry.

Learned during the studies

During my studies, I discovered that designing creatures and characters is where my true passion lies. Building my knowledge about the industry standard programs and tools that are necessary to reach my goals was an important part of my study as well.