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a world full of endless possibilities. This collection celebrates the many shapes and forms that people can take on, exploring the nuances of their behavior, movement, and interactions. Each shadow has been carefully crafted to embrace you and make you feel like a different version of yourself, a version that you may not have known existed.

By limiting myself to the color black, I challenged myself to create designs and patterns that are visually striking and memorable. The limitations of this monochromatic palette forced me to experiment with textures, shapes, and shades, resulting in a collection that is both intricate and powerful.

Through this creative challenge, I have learned the importance of limitations in the creative process. By pushing myself to think more creatively and imaginatively, I have uncovered new dimensions and layers in my work. I believe that we can all unlock our potential by stepping outside our comfort zones and pushing our creative boundaries...

Artist statement

Over the years, my passion for creating clothing has been a driving force in my life. Even during the challenging times of the pandemic, I found peace in my atelier, pouring all my energy into crafting a single jacket and learning as much as I could from the process. It was during these long hours of dedication that the idea of building my own brand took hold.

Enter Haffet, a world where I could finally create whatever I wanted, free from limitations and expectations. It brought excitement to see people respond positively to my designs, and I felt a sense of pride knowing that my vision resonated with others.

However, as I continued to grow my brand, I quickly realized that building a successful fashion label requires so much more than simply creating clothes. Despite my love for designing, I knew that I needed to evolve Haffet into something bigger.

Now, I'm excited to shift my focus to transforming Haffet into a design agency that represents my unique vision and allows others to experience it in their own way. I'm still free to create the designs that inspire me, but now I can share them with others in a way that truly captures the essence of what I do.



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