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Set in Stone

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The feeling of not being able to control your surroundings can be overwhelming. You may find yourself grasping for anything that might give you some sense of peace and control.

While we all have our own ways of navigating through this life, most of us appreciate the familiarity that patterns and routines provide for us. So what meaning does a routine really have in our chaotic, unpredictable world?

Artist statement

Kirsten Vink is a visual artist based in Veenendaal and Utrecht. With a passion for both digital and analogue techniques, and a love for film, ceramics and illustration. Constantly eager to try out new techniques and trying to find ways to transform the little world in my head that is always full of ideas into new projects.


My ideal future would include me having my own studio where I work with different media such as ceramics, film, illustration and hopefully even more traditional techniques. Being able to plan and fill my own days, be creative and not lose my passion and drive.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

I’ve learned that finally being surrounded by people that think and function the same way as you, can be such a relief and inspire you to thrive.