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Seasonal Harvest - The ever changing game

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Mikey Woudstra played a crucial role in the development of Seasonal Harvest, a simulation game centered around farming and crop management. His expertise focused on creating immersive gameplay through the implementation of dynamic day-night cycles, seasonal changes, and weather systems. This included a comprehensive weather system with a custom skybox, realistic crop growth influenced by seasons, and a combat system that adapted to the current season. Additionally, Mikey contributed to the concept of the life force, emphasizing the importance of maintaining balance to prevent accelerated season progression and potential crop ruin. Overall, his contributions enhanced the visual appeal, strategic depth, and realism of Seasonal Harvest.

Artist statement

Mikey Woudstra is a passionate developer with a strong focus on creating underlying systems that are essential for the functionality of a game. With a specialization in developing advanced systems that play a crucial role within games, Mikey also excels in building bridges aimed at artists and designers, ensuring that the systems are user-friendly.

Throughout his academic journey, Mikey has consistently demonstrated a dedicated approach to overcoming challenges and achieving success. His determination and resilience enable him to face obstacles head-on, viewing them as opportunities for personal growth and learning. He persists until he reaches his goals, finding innovative solutions for successful implementation.

Mikey's pursuit of excellence and his ability to overcome obstacles have led to the realization of unique and successful projects. With his expertise in developing advanced systems and his unwavering commitment to achieving success, Mikey consistently adds value to every project he undertakes. His contributions bring a blend of technical skill, expertise and a deep understanding of the needs of artists and designers, resulting in impactful and user-centric experiences.


Mikey's ambitions are centered around personal growth, professional development, and delivering valuable contributions to the projects he works on. Over the next five years, he aims to challenge himself and expand his expertise as a developer, acquiring broader and more in-depth knowledge in his field.

In the coming years, Mikey also strives to be involved in challenging and groundbreaking projects. He seeks to continuously push himself and break boundaries, enabling his ongoing growth as a professional while consistently adding value to the projects he engages with.

Learned during the studies

Mikey discovered during his academic journey that personal development and working on passion-driven projects can be just as valuable as formal educational content. Having the opportunity to pursue his own development and bring to life projects that ignited his passion allowed him to dig deeper into subjects that inspired him and piqued his curiosity. This experience enhanced his capacity for learning and equipped him with valuable skills and experiences that have contributed to his growth.