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Seasonal Harvest, the act of harvesting emotions

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In Seasonal Harvest, players immerse themselves in a realm of enchanting and mystical crops, experiencing a captivating journey beyond a typical farming game. As players cultivate their crops, they must also face dangerous enemies who can disrupt the seasons and ruin their harvest.

Franka's expertise in this project lies in creating a captivating world where players are emotionally drawn to these magical crops. Through her research and design, she aims to create a captivating world that emotionally resonates with the players.

Seasonal Harvest is a collaborative project involving one developer, two artists, and two audio engineers.

Artist statement

Franka Ordeman is a passionate game artist who has a strong focus on creating environment assets and developing fantasy worlds. Starting with a Fine Art background, Franka developed a playful and experimental approach in her artistic practice. Her work revolves around combining concept and creature design, aiming to achieve a seamless harmony and connection between both elements. Starting from her 2D designs, she always strives to create a captivating and immersive 3D worlds. Franka draws inspiration from her surroundings and her fascination with plants and supernatural creatures, which form the foundation of her artistic vision and serve as sources of inspiration in her designs. Her passion for creating fantasy worlds stems from her desire to provide players with a unique and immersive experience. She believes that a well-designed environment plays a crucial role in conveying the atmosphere and story of a game. Therefore, she constantly seeks new techniques and challenges to elevate her work to a higher level. Franka is highly motivated to continue developing her artistic skills as a game artist and constantly challenges herself, remaining undeterred by complex assignments or challenges.


Franka's ambition is to work in an entertainment studio as a 3D environment artist or creature artist. She aspires to be in an environment surrounded by like-minded peers who challenge her and offer opportunities for skill growth. Franka aims to have a voice and actively participate in discussions with her team, fostering creative collaboration. Although she entertains the idea of starting her own studio, Franka remains open to all possibilities that may arise. She eagerly looks forward to being part of engaging and innovative projects in the future.

Learned during the studies

Franka values the importance of receiving feedback on her work, which she learned during her studies. She understands that initial successes are stepping stones for further growth and avoids becoming complacent. By actively seeking feedback and pushing beyond her comfort zone, Franka has developed valuable connections with fellow students, teachers, and industry professionals. This experience has instilled in her the understanding that learning is a continuous process and that new fascinations and interests can emerge at any time. This realization keeps her motivated, curious, and constantly challenges her on her artistic journey.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Exhibition ‘The First time always hurts’, location Oudenoord 330 : May 2019

Impakt Festival Utrecht “Speculative Interfaces’ : October - November 2019

Exhibition “Parasite Paradise”, Utrecht : January - February 2020