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The day is almost over. I force myself to leave the house and go for an evening walk. While walking down the streets, I can't help but let my gaze wander into the windows that are lit up in the darkness of the night. On days like these, looking into strangers' houses gives me some comfort. The sight of dirty dishes and the mediocre TV show the person is watching provides me with a sense of satisfaction. Perhaps the person inside is also having a bad day? I try to imagine how it smells inside and what the person does for a living. There are a million questions in my head, and I only have a few seconds to solve the mystery before it becomes too risky and I get caught.

I return home, turn on the lights, go to my windows, and quickly close the curtains.

Artist statement

My research is driven by random societal observations or an ambivalent feeling, I experience myself as I am intrigued by human contradictions and their origins. I seek out moments that possess an intimate tension, simultaneously soothing and confronting, often involving strangers. This tension arises from providing spectators with a safe space that could potentially collapse at any moment.

I guide spectators as they navigate between contrasting poles, utilizing space and dramaturgy to transition from a pole that induces a sense of safety to one that challenges it. This allows spectators to experience a moment of blurriness that reveals the unknown and unsafe as not that bad. By creating contrasts and juxtapositions between seemingly opposing forces like voyeurism and exposure, solitude and togetherness, or intimacy and distance, my aim is to evoke tension and uncertainty in the spectator. This state of confusion and indecisiveness opens up possibilities for uncharted waters and how things could be.


Where do I see myself in 5 years? Ideally with a furry barking companion by my side, exploring and participating in the vibrant worlds of film sets, art festivals, and exhibitons. Full of experience - both the good and the bad - and hopefully with a smile on my face.

Learned during the studies

In my previous studies in design, I was trained to start with an idea and then to build a project around it. However, in my current masters, the approach is more artistic in nature. Here, I have learned to prioritize the act of making before overthinking, leading to a more intuitive approach to my research. This new approach of thinking through making has helped me let go of my perfectionism, allowing for more freedom in my creative process. I realised that the combination of both, conceptual and critical thinking and emotion-based intuitive making, is my superpower. Furthermore, my background in production design for movies shines through in my love for dramaturgy and attention to details that tell a story.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Sensoria, 2020// Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin
Spotless, 2022// Studio Gans, Utrecht