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Well, that was it. After all these years being a student, it is time for me to move forward. No matter how joyful or sad I am about it, life requires from me to go on. Everything I have experienced, everything I have discovered, I will take with me, in this beautiful road to nowhere
In this recital I am playing music from Isabella Leonarda, Élisabeth Jaquet de la Guerre, Maria Margarethe Danzi and Clara Schumann. Since almost two hundred years of music history and three different European regions are covered, I will be playing with several violins, each one in different pitches and tuning systems, and several bows. By using different tools and techniques, I am aiming to come as close as possible to the aesthetic context of each work, and therefore to the way how music was experienced back then. Beside from the obvious challenges that this entails, and far from museum pretensions or virtuosic displays, I believe that these embodiment forces us to perceive musicking with new eyes. Honestly, I just find it fascinating. I humbly hope I can share this fascination of mine with you.
I will be accompanied by the cellist Mar Bonet Silvestre and the keyboardist Artem Belogurov - who will also play in several instruments!

Artist statement

I am truly passionate about music. I am fascinated by the emotional and communicative capability of it, and its potential of reaching a deeper understanding of the humankind.

The so-called “classical” music needs more urgency and relatability. Its message requires from us to be shared with others. With my artistic doing, I am aiming for a closer and deeper connection with my audience.

The Historically Inspired Performance Practice has given me chance of acquiring new approaches on the music I love. Through research and experimentation, we have the chance of experiencing the act of creating music with new eyes.


My main ambition would be to become an independent artist, and have a happy and sustainable life with my doing by regularly performing with inspiring colleagues and ensembles.

Nevertheless, I have been dreaming about creating an artistic collective with like-minded artists from other disciplines. I think that the music I do would benefit from the input of other artistic procedures - hopefully it will become more creative and will get closer to urgent narratives in need of acknoledgment.

Learned during the studies

Routine is not the same as endless repetition. Embracing a constant creative flow is the way to get to the place where the good things happen.

Embody new ways of doing the same thing. Experiment and take what you need with you.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks and making mistakes. Mistakes are an endless source of information for self-improvement

Reach out. Your music is worth being shared with others