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Ritualistic Occult Ceremony in the chapel with music, visuals and performers.

Artist statement

Artistic Statement

Manifesting our true self in art

We all have heard the phrase "back to the roots”. What does it really mean? How can it change the course of our lives, our art and the way we represent ourselves to the world? I'm not just referring to your culture, even though this is a big part of your reality and person. I’m also referring to your true being, your primitive being without masks or prejudices. Or even deeper, the part of us which connects us with the everything, the “higher self”. As Carls Jung states:
“[…] unifying the four major archetypes we will reach a sense of cohesive self” [Carls Jung 5]having a greater connection and congruence between our being and our art.
I consider it important to cover this topic, because in these times of marketing bombardments, we find ourselves saturated with plastic artists who lack meaning or many musical projects that sound the same. Lacking authenticity and congruence between the artist and their art.
There are also artists confused where to direct their art. Limited to fit into a genre and staying in the comfort of imitation to fit into a category or society’s expectations. Disconnecting to who they really are or what they really want to create.
Through my anthropological trips and studies, I have discovered the infinite creative possibilities that can be generated by exploring your own culture and merging it with others cultures.
However, to arrive at this process of authentic cultural exchange, creating fusions and new horizons of exploration, we must begin by identifying where it comes from or why it is not generated.
Normally and unfortunately sometimes, our identity is affected by factors that are beyond our control, such as imposed morals and education.
If we do not realize it in time, we can live a life of falsehood, programmed to live as societies dictate. Even programmed to live a life that does not correspond to our true desires or that does not agree with who we really are.
This phenomenon has itself increased as a result of social networks. Where it is very easy to create fictional characters that, in the end, end up convincing the audience and themselves that they are real. Living exclusively in the archetype of “the persona”, wearing a mask and acting in life. What is being real? Ultimately, you create your reality, and you are free to choose which one you want it to be. Is that world, the creation that you are generating, who you really are? I do not mean to cling to your nationality and wear the flag of your country on a daily basis, because that does not define who you are. Why not explore and even study something about your roots and your culture? You will be surprised of how many amazing things you can discover, if you start to investigate the ancient history of your place of origin. Not as a nationalistic act, but more as an anthropological, social-cultural practice. In this sense, exploring "The self which is an archetype that represents the unified unconsciousness and consciousness of an individual. Creating the self occurs through a process known as individuation, in which the various aspects of personality are integrated”[Carls Jung 5].
In this era of globalization, it is worth mentioning that embracing your culture of origin is not the only step in this process. Learning to appreciate and recognize others is another factor. Unifying and breaking borders, where support and collaboration arises as a product of an authentic connection. However, there are some artists that regarding their cultural background tend to exclusively adapt others cultures and implement them in their own art, maybe for these artists this type of culture seems more appealing than their own. Perhaps that's the reason to dig deeper in one's culture. Although there is a beautiful part when people get inspired by your culture and implement it in their art, it should never be confused with cultural appropriation motivated by profit rather by a sincere cultural identification.
I find more congruent to accept where you come from and to embrace your culture and your language, to embrace your skin and don’t try to alter yourself to comply to the social standards of worth.
If English is not your mother tongue, speak it as it flows, why obsess about forcing your accent sounding like a gringo or like Harry Potter ?
Do not be ashamed of that with which you have been stereotyped, rather take it to the limit, expose it and express it, as it is a part of you.
Furthermore, do not be ashamed of your nakedness, of your fetishes or darker fantasies, which are part of you. And remember that accepting them is the way to your peace of mind. Here we are referring to what Carls Jung calls “the shadow”. Suppression leads to thinking about them with more obsession and distortion. That leads us to the acceptance of others’ proposals. We do not have to love everything, but to accept our differences and uniqueness.
Let's go back to art and music.
We have already mentioned how important the culture or roots of an individual are to morph their art.
In recent years I have found some projects that demonstrate such authenticity in their art, such as La Pocha Nostra, a Mexican interdisciplinary group of performance arts.

“Projects range from performance solos and duets to large-scale performance installations including video, photography, audio, and cyber-art. La Pocha collaborates across national borders, race, gender and generations. The basic premise of these collaborations is founded on an ideal: “If we learn to cross borders on stage, we may learn how to do so in larger social spheres.” La Pocha strives to eradicate myths of purity and dissolve borders surrounding culture, ethnicity, gender, language, and métier. Sadly, at this point in time, these are still considered radical acts.” [6]

Another crew is Asian Dope Boys, a Chinese interdisciplinary label integrating art, music, live dance performances, visuals and sound.
The founder Tianzhuo comments in an interview:
“I wanted to do something for an audience with broader tastes and interests to enjoy. We also want to make a label that's led by our own taste, not something that's led by commercial concerns or going after a specific target audience or whatever” [2]
It is important that we develop our own taste, and we are fully open for experimentation, so we don’t just imitate or copy paste something to create a pre-existing experience.
Yes, experience. Expanding your senses, why using just our ears if we can use our whole body.
Why limit ourselves to just one kind of art form? If we can, not just play music for an audience, but create a whole sensorial experience.
Exploring your artistic abilities in all areas, not just “what you can do better”. Even in life itself. In the Toltec tradition (South central culture in Mexico) it is said that we are all artists. In fact, the word “toltec” means artist. Not in the way we know it nowadays. The concept of artist was formed in occidental culture at a certain period of time, different from ancient cultures, who were beyond the concept, living the expression closer to a ritual experience. If we start turning everything that we do into a ritual, we will start to be more conscious of life itself and open more of our senses to the flow of creation.
We are all constantly creating and shaping our life, searching and choosing which kind of colours, sounds or words we want to manifest to the world. However, we must remember there are also artist who didn’t shape themselves and are primarily a commercial product. They follow the trends, behaving as a stereotypical “woman” or “man”, or as a stereotypical person of their nationality. Unless you are using the last to enhance your performance art, just do yourself (and others) a favor and be yourself! Not because I am Mexican I will be screaming tequila every day and use a sombrero, with a dress because I am a woman.
Being yourself is not your nationality or sex. Yourself is shaped by your roots, but not defined by. My point is: dare to explore outside your reality constraints.
Jung refers to this as “the anima” The anima is a feminine image in the male psyche, and the animus is a male image in the female psyche. The anima/animus represents the "true self" rather than the image we present to others and serves as the primary source of communication with the collective unconscious [Carls Jung 5].
Travelling and opening yourself to new ideas and new lifestyles open your mind. Being able to see and listen without judging helps you to understand. Get inspired by other cultures and connect others to yours. Feel grateful of wherever you came from, since that gave you the cultural background and traditions or knowledge you have today. Embrace your uniqueness and others' uniqueness. Do what your imagination dictates. Have the courage to express it and manifest it to the world. Let’s connect with other like-minded people and unify our talents to create real art. Art that comes from a place of authenticity and truth.


I would like to grow my own business focused on music for healing purposes.

Learned during the studies

To express myself without fear.

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