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You are standing on the edge of a vast and dark abyss, your heels barely grazing the edge. Your heart pounds in your throat, your breath coming in short gasps and you feel adrenaline surge through your veins. You know that you're attached, and that if you jump, nothing will happen. Every fiber of your being seems to hold you back, but you have to jump.

For what felt like an eternity, I was stuck on that ledge. Fear had become my oxygen, living without it seemed impossible. During those moments, I preferred to be alone and face this fear in my hiding place, my bed.

Trembling and with clammy hands, you take the leap. And in that instance, the intense feeling you felt moments before, vanishes into thin air. The pressure that had been weighing you down seems to lift off of your shoulders. Suddenly, everything around you feels vivid and intense. "I can't remember the sky looking this bright," you think.

Reprocessing tries to capture my personal journey and experience with EMDR. I wanted to ensure that it wasn't just a reflection of my experience but also a canvas for the viewers to have their own unique experience. Each individual experience with EMDR is different and I hope that the blinding light and vivid colors in Reprocessing can evoke different ranges of emotions and thoughts in the viewer.

Artist statement

Isa is a graphic designer who mostly is inspired and influence by her daily life and surroundings. She has a love for bold design. Working with primary colors that create big contrasts. Combining analog and digital techniques is something of a second nature to her. She usually incorporates collages and printed matter with digital techniques. These are disciplines that Isa feels confident working with. With her curious and open mind, she loves to constantly expand her interests and learn something new.


In the future, Isa hopes to continue creating and collaborating with new individuals, expanding her network and working on diverse projects. She looks forward to the opportunity of engaging with different creatives, exchanging ideas, and learning from their unique perspectives.

Learned during the studies

During my study of graphic design, I learned invaluable lessons that went beyond technical skills, such as the importance of surrounding myself with fellow creatives for inspiration and collaboration, gaining confidence in my abilities to share my work and ideas, and embracing the pressure of deadlines and high expectations.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

2021: RE-FRAME- online group exposition
2020: ABRI Magazine, Academiegalerie (AG), Utrecht
2020: Lost & Found - Google Map group exhibition located at Hemburgterrein
2019: Ekspo - HKU Media

HKU Media Catalogue 2023

In collaboration with Eva van der Hoek and Noa Wassink, I am designing this year's Graduation Catalogue for HKU Media. Our design concept revolves around the theme 'Resiliance', embracing the creative process and serves as a reflection of our time at HKU.