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Antonino De Caro
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Originally from the south of Italy, Antonino De Caro’s practice is steeped in the traditions that surrounded him growing up. As his native region is known for its expertise in refined ceramics and tiles, craftsmanship comes natural to his work. Delicately made and with respect for the craft itself, De Caro’s work is also made from a desire to break away and create in a more open way. He therefore does not only make drawings and ceramics, but also challenges himself to create more complex, mixed media installations and performances.

The multidisciplinary works of De Caro are mostly autobiographical, reflecting for example on his experiences as an Italian living abroad, but also on his culture, childhood and upbringing. The exposure to a classical approach towards art while growing up surfaces clearly in his use of allegorical elements and symbolism. With his body of work emerging from personal experiences and his subconsciousness, De Caro shows his fascinations for nature, mythology, fairy tales, and symbols from other cultures and religious backgrounds, mixed together in his crafted works.

Text by Menno Vuister