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Reminiscing A Teenage Dream

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Reminiscing A Teenage Dream is my way of reconnecting with the time I started to learn
how to be my own person. Looking back I see a young girl trying to find her identity through
self-expression and collecting objects, all in the comfort of her own bedroom in the early

Artist statement

Hi there!
My name is Alieke and I am an Image Creator.

Do you want to know what that is?
I like to do a lot of different things,
that is why I have combined the skills of the:

Creative concept thinker
(I want to tell a story)

(What does the look tell the viewer)

Art Director
(I love to design the story within the frame of an image)

Photography Enthusiast
(I shoot analog and digital images)

Image Communicator
(I know what to do with the images after they have been shot)

Combining all those skills is my strength and what makes my approach, work ethic and final results different.


In 5 years I want to be able to work fulltime on creating visual stories and work with other creative people. I want to have work published in magazines I admire. I want to work in film and help build characters and storylines. I want to publish a book with photographs I (co)created.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

What I value most about my time as a student is that I have learned how many different things you can do in the creative field. I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer, but by the end of the HKU road my dreams have shifted. There was a lot to discover in my time as a student. I feel more at ease. I know there is a place for me in the creative field now I know what I want to do.