Duurzaamheid en circulariteit

Regenerative Hunting

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Regenerative Hunting is an alternative and artistic lifestyle that thinks about how to sustain myself while caring about the ecology. It is a practice that questions the dominant food industries in the Netherlands, and tries to find a more sustainable way of obtaining food through hunting invasive species and foraging food. Since I started this project in 2023, I have been focusing on hunting the invasive species of American crayfish and Pacific oysters. The experiences have taught me that simply getting rid of the invasive species is not the solution to a more sustainable and ecological environment. Instead, it is the care towards details, diversity, and relationship in the ecosystem that make the act of hunting ecological. This narrative is made apparent in my artwork through the collective hunting gathering and food sharing events.
The research of Regenerative Hunting

Artist statement

Born and raised in the polluted city of Bangkok, I grew up with a desire to search for nature and a more sustainable lifestyle. This curiosity has led me to come to study in the Netherlands, a country that is globally known for sustainable design, technology, and food production. However, I discovered that the concept of sustainability in the Western world was achieved through colonization and exploitation of resources in developing countries. This realization about modern technology and green colonization has inspired me to start researching reconnecting with nature and food sources through activities such as hunting and regenerative farming.


I would like to form a community that will live in a more sustainable and ecological way. To be more connected with nature and where materials come from. It would be great if I can get into a well known residency like Jan van Eyck Academie to get funding and guidance for the project.

Learned during the studies

I have gained a lot of awareness about the world, especially in the topics of colonization and inequality. However, in order to follow my own intuition and develop my own artistic research, it is also important to learn how to skip classes to go explore nature as well.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Regenerative Hunting
Artistic research, installation, live animals

Regenerative Hunting

Is it possible to not rely on the food industries that pollute the world?
As part of my graduation exhibition, I am planning to host a special event to present about the Regenerative Hunting research. In this event, I would like to share stories about my attempts to live more sustainably by hunting invasive species in the Netherlands for food. Participants will also get to experience this alternative way of living through the crayfish dish that I catch and cook by myself.