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Re-value (English version)

Denise Meier
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With my collection Re-value I want to make people aware of the necessity of using rest materials for new wearable clothing. In less than a years’ time, more than halve of fast fashion clothing is thrown away. My intention is to contribute to a circular economy and reduce the enormous waste pile of the fast fashion industry. By making clothes with reusable material I renew the value of disposed textile and hereby I prolong the lastingness of textiles. I searched for rest and waste materials and I manipulated and experimented on these materials. The new textiles that I created are the starting point of my collection Re-value. As designer I want to make an effort to enriched the fashion industry by looking closely at the possibilities of these materials. This by giving plane fabrics a bumpy surface, by making patterns and using a punch and embroider machine so to enrich materials. Through my collection I want to inspire people to be aware of the materials that we have.

Videographer: Pasqual Amade & Najim Jansen. Models: Ruby Joemai & Timothy Goring. MUA: Jasmin Kulik

As a designer with a focus on material experiment and research, the sustainable character in designer process is an important starting point. I produce wearable clothing in where I appreciate the use of waste and rest material. 

I love to try and find a pearl in the rubbish in thrift shops. To be able to run into that one table, that with the right lick of paint suddenly turns into a designer piece.

For me this goes the same for clothing or material that you would not consider as ‘beautiful’ but after some adjustments you would.

I am committed to a circular economy where fabrics, after being used can be transformed into something new and will not end up in the garbage bin. With these rest material I produce fabric patterns with lots of textures. These new fabrics are transformed into women’s clothing. The designs are daring statement pieces with a comfortable fit. In each piece of clothing you find countless details. With my designs I try to make people aware of the necessity to use rest materials to make new wearable clothes.

Photographer: Lisa van Vlijmen. Model: Kore Vandalon