Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

Rave Utopia?

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In my work, I shine a light on (and a little inside) the sex-positive queer rave scene. I show a raw side of this scene, and by doing so, I hope to highlight the importance of safe raving and the significance of freedom of self-expression. At night, we come together to let go, be ourselves, and escape social constructs. But we can only be free if we're safe.

Artist statement

I'm an artist/designer with a passion for social topics. I like to incorporate a hint of psychology in every project I take on. Combining psychology with art is my way to tell a story, move people, or make them think. Bodies inspire me, as do movements, humans and their brains, contrast, alienation, organic shapes, emotions, and how to manipulate them. I feel a responsibility to address social injustice, and you will always find a hint of this in my work. As I'm also a photographer, I strive to portray people in a safe and empowering way.


In 5 years from now, I see myself working in the creative sector, helping to create concepts. I want to explore how to tell a story, how to help people, move people, and shock people. I definitely want to stay very socially engaged. My goal is to make the world a better, safer place, and if I can do that through art, that would be the ultimate achievement. I'd like to continue working as a photographer in the nightlife scene, as it gives me the amazing responsibility to capture people and parties in the most safe and respectful way. Ideally, I'd like to organize my own party, using all the research I've done surrounding safe raving.

Learned during the studies

To never give up! Even though school systems might not fit your type of brain or way of working, they always shape you. Your way of working and thinking is also very valid; you are your own type of artist, and there's more than one way to be one.