Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

Rave Utopia

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My artwork is a video instalation tour about the sex-positive (queer) rave scene. It's called 'rave utopia' and it proposes a world in which minorities (and all) can party free of judgement and the expectations society has put on us. In my video tour I ask myself the question: what is needed to provide a safe space for all to explore the bounderies of 'the self'? I propose an idea where strict policy (like door-policy, zero tolerance policy, no photo policy), open communication is of world importance. Ideally, we create a world, made up out of rules and bounderies, so we can, once inside, be completely free of them.

I show people the importance of safe raving, the importance of freedom of self-expression. In the night we come together to let go, be ourselves and escape social constructs. My project is focused on people who are on the outside of the sex-positive community. People who feel that this sex-positive scene is 'too exclusive' for them. I want to show that this community is about inclusivity instead of the so thought exclusivity, and I challenge people to think by themselves: 'Do I belong here? ' 'Am I free of judgement about myself and others?' And therefor I want to show why it's important to keep kind of a tight grip on the policy, and why it might feel exclusive to some. My work consists of 3 tv-screens, where I take you with on a tour through a sex-positive rave/club. Wandering through the club you meet people who tell you about the policy, and why it is so important to them to feel safe.I show you a glimpse of what this scene has to offer. I show people (anonymously) dressed in their rave-outfits. I show visuals, and you hear music.

Theme's are: sex-positivity, inclusivity (vs. exclusivity), minorities, feminism, discrimination, queerness, the party scene, self-expression, identity, freedom, bodies, sex.

Artist statement

I’m an artist & designer who has a passion for social topics. I like to incorporate a hint of psychology in every project I take on. Combining psychology with art is my way to tell a story, move people, or make them think. Things that inspire me: bodies and their movements, organic shaped, humans and their brains, contrast, alienation, emotions and perception. I feel a strong responsibility to adress social injustice, and you would always find a hint of this in my work.


In 5 years from now I see myself working in the creative sector, helping with creating concepts. How to tell a story, how to help people, move people, shock people. I defenitely want to stay very socially engaged. I want to make the world a better, safer place, and if I can do that through art, that would be the end-goal.

Learned during the studies

That you won't get anywhere unless you truely make choices for yourself. Always stay close to who you are as an artist and do what feels right, that will pay off in the end.