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Raquel's Final Exam

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After four intense years, I'm celebrating the end of this journey with a party. Music of D. Dorff, P. Hindemith and R. Vaughan Williams form a program based on the folklore that inspired each composition. This concert is a description of who I am and who I have become after my bachelor.

Artist statement

Playing the viola is always going to be part of something bigger. Music is the way to share feelings and tell stories, the way to communicate and express yourself. Taking the seriousness associated with music aside, I like to see music as a two-way act; to have as much fun from the audience as I have on stage.


Playing in orchestras and having my own chamber music ensemble. I would like to continue working as a freelancer with any project that might come my way. In five years, I see myself still enjoying music as much as I do today.

Learned during the studies

Just keep doing your thing. Working hard seems the only way to achieve your goals, but it is way more than that. To be willing to learn and to listen, and taking every opportunity that comes your way, are as important as hard work.