Diversiteit en inclusiviteit
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A Performative Album
“When the world tore me apart, I stitched the pieces together and sewed my own way”. During this experimental performance Joseph Kwasi Junior Appiah strips down his layers and displays the complexities of having intersecting social identities. He channels his Alter Ego “Jurami” and allows spectators to witness an internal dialogue that pays homage to: Voguing, HipHop inspired delivery/wordplay, Afrofuturistic aesthetics and Meme culture. Jura-I mean Junior holds self expression highly, and wants to empower the silenced and marginalized to take up their space. “You can reclaim the stage too.”

Artist statement

The name’s Junior, an artist/art educator. I’m a sensitive, curious and chaotic soul. One that attempts to make sense of his overwhelming waves of thoughts through art. A real jack of all trades that loves to combine the diverse art disciplines under my belt to birth new experiences.

From performance, to sculptures. I draw, I dance, and rhyme perchance? Blurring the lines. A poet and a rapper. Visual, Physical, Vocal. I blend them together in an interdisciplinary fashion to realize my vision.

I'm passionately driven by and to people.
It fascinates me how cultures influence identity. I seek to share and collect stories, in order to visualize different perspectives and connections. I believe connection is possible when the room allows us to be vulnerable. Because we can only truly see each other through transparency. I strive to lower the bar for people to let their guard down by making the first step.

Through Art and Presence.


I wanna grow further as an artist and as an art educator. I would love to work within art collectives that create space for inclusivity/diversity. In which mutliple art disciplines can come together. I would also love to find my lane within the art world, as an interdisciplinary artist. Next to that I'd love to give workshop/lectures to encourage people to find their inner artist. To guide people to become in touch with themselves and express their fascinations, experience and emotions.

Learned during the studies

During this HKU era, I learned to really experiment, not just conceptualize. I have a bad habit of trying to perfectly think out an idea and end up delaying the creation of said idea. I can discover so much through making small experiments and making that jump from the idea realm to the physical realm sooner.

To not box myself in, I don't have to limit myself to be understood, I am extra, multifacted and unpredictable.

To stand up for myself, intervene in difficult situations and also pick my battles. I posses experiences and perspectives that allow me to access a huge pool of understanding. It is up to me exercise this best suited for the situation in regards to myself and the space around me.

To set boundaries, not to give myself access to everyone and protect my energy

I found out that i'm worth it, I didn't have the easiest upbringing but I was still blessed with many gifts to live this life and share with the world around me.

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Moving in Tongues

Hieronder tref je aan wat je geupload hebt.
Moving in Tongues
How can we make room for soulfulness, passion and fantasy within art education?
To explore ones identity, connect with others and express themselves towards the world,
All of this is possible through art.

But I feel like we don't emphasize this within art education. At the same time I see people grow enstranged from their bodies and notice that people don't the feel room to speak about their experiences. I feel like we need to make room for self discovery through the teaching and practice of art.

That's why I'm taking a poetic dive within Hip Hop culture and the Ballroom Scene, two unique and influencial art cultures/movements that are all about creating the space for expression. This to inspire me to shape art education that helps people create soulfully, passionately and with fantasy.