Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

Queer, But Still Young

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A digital work, printed on paper, size a0.

Artist statement

I, Linus van der Maas (he/him, they/them) am a digital artist who creates works that explore the ambiguity of 'queer art.' My work is a reflection of my experiences as a queer person, as well as an exploration of the broader cultural and social implications of queerness in society. 

By printing digitally made works, I create large-scale works that demand attention and challenge the viewer to explore the broadness of Queer art. My use of color and texture creates a dynamic and immersive experience that draws the viewer into my world of queerness.

My art is a celebration of the complexity and fluidity of queer identity, and a critique of the rigid categories and labels often imposed upon individuals who identify as queer. I invite the viewer to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty to explore the richness and diversity of the human experience. Through my art, I try to invite others to question assumptions about identity, and to embrace the many shades of queerness that exist within us all.


I am planning to further my education by enrolling in a premaster's program in gender studies, followed by a master's degree in the same field.

Learned during the studies

I have developed the ability to think autonomously and to keep creating.

Queer Ambiguity: Borders of Queer Art

In my thesis, I investigate the ambiguity of queer art. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the research question 'Given the ambiguity of ‘Queerness’, How can ‘Queer art’ be recognizable to encourage a Queer inclusive art world?' is explored.
By examining a range of artworks, my thesis analyzes how queerness within art is recognizable, highlighting the importance of context.