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My short film ‘Purgatory’ is a symbolic representation of purgatory, reinterpreted as my personal experience with mental health.
The work is a visualization of feelings from a period in my life through experimental and abstract AI generated film. With this I depict my experience of having to go through suffering before I could find my way to healing.

The computer has always been my escape, my safe place. A place to disappear into the digital world. That’s why I decided to collaborate with AI for this project.
The outcome of AI is something which you can never have total control over, and often has an alienating effect; similar to that certain period of my life.

Artist statement

As a multidisciplinary artist and DJ, Nina van den Berg channels her creative energies into an intuitive approach that emphasizes experimentation and embraces new technologies, specializing in artificial intelligence since 2021.

Drawing inspiration from internet culture, fantasy realms, absurdism and psychological processes, her work is marked by a striking combination of rawness and otherworldliness.
Though often steeped in darkness, it is not without humor, and is always delivered with a bold and unapologetic presence.


In five years I aspire to continue growing along with the advancements in AI and becoming a recognized AI art specialist. I’d like to continue giving presentations and workshops, educating both companies and younger generations about the potential and risks of AI.
Creating experimental artworks is something I'll always keep doing. Hopefully in the coming years I'll get opportunities to showcase them at exhibitions.

Besides visual art I also want to grow in music production, with the dream of one day releasing my own EP.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

The most important thing I learned was the significance of developing my concepts thoroughly, instead of purely creating by feeling. Thanks to this I have been able to look at my work more critically, which has greatly improved my concepts. Alongside this I have also gained the ability to articulate my artistic ideas effectively, through presentations and group projects.
I also discovered the value of collaborative work. At first I used to prefer working alone, but thanks to all the group projects we had I learned how to collaborate with others as a team, and experienced how much fun that can be.

Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

Speaking events about AI
- Presentation at Deloitte
- Presentation & Workshop at Deloitte
- Presentation at University of Arts Utrecht

- Presentation at UNI_VERSE Studio
- Presentation & Workshop at Deloitte

Commissioned artworks
- Nerve Collect - Identified Patient vinyl release
- Nerve Collect - Gamma Intel vinyl release
- Rhythmic Culture - Cassette mixtape release
- Deloitte - Christmas greeting. Trained faces of the NL Deloitte board members in AI.
- Club OOST - December & January
- Club Lofi - Identified Patient curated event

DJ gigs
- Dekmantel Festival
- Dekmantel at Muziekgebouw
- Lente Kabinet
- ZeeZout Festival
- Strange Sounds From Beyond Festival
- Red Light Radio
- De School