Duurzaamheid en circulariteit
Zorg en welzijn


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Proximity is an ensemble that breaks with the conventions of a typical concert, by using the entire space as their playing field. With melancholic melodies and pushing rhythms they touch on themes of polarization, intimacy and connection. Proximity seamlessly bridges the worlds of classical music, jazz, and improvised music, forging a brand new sound. They create an immersive experience, inviting the audience to feel connected to the music in a new way. They give meaning to time where people seem to be further and further apart from eachother.

In 'Proximity,' I use improvisation, film, and performance. I create a space where the audience becomes part of the total experience. I delved deep into the research on the physical distance between performers and the audience to find answers about how performers can connect, and on how I can play with distance as a compositional tool, breaking with the traditional performance format and using space in a new way.

As a composer, I work site-specifically and let myself be inspired by the space. Proximity takes place in the Geertekerk in Utrecht, a beautiful old church. The sound comes from all corners, moves, gets closer, or goes further away.

Artist statement

Wouter Torringa is an improvising violinist, composer, and interdisciplinary artist who leads various projects and ensembles. In his work he explores themes of beauty and nature, as well as destruction, anger, and hopelessness. Fueled by this contradiction, he likes to push his own artistic boundaries, and finds himself often on the edge. He aims to create a space for people to be part of the total experience, a space to be touched and confronted.

Wouter combines his music with visual art and movement, and he likes to work on-site to be inspired by the space and to compose with the space. Currently he is researching the dynamic between performers within a given space and is actively developing his new performance titled 'Proximity.'


I want to keep developing my own artistic voice, finding more clarity and direction in my work. I also want to create new connections, and keep nurturing artistic collaborations.
I want to keep performing nationally and internationally, and expand my network.
Most importantly, I want to continue to deepen my purpose and urgency in creating art, and stay grounded and true to my values in the process.

Learned during the studies

I learned to create without judgement, finding a deeper connection to the creative force that is always there. In short: learning to see and work with the blocks that stand in the way of me and my art.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

I'm a member of the progressive string group 'Woodcraft,' In 2022 we won the Dutch Jazz Award, and we are performing in the Netherlands and internationally.

On June 16th my new performance 'Proximity' will premiere in De Geertekerk in Utrecht.