Artistieke prestatie

Promote carillon art

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To promote carillon art to local people, I contacted Amersfoort Guilde, HKU, BCN, de Amersfoortse gemeente etc. I will start to open the school from 30th April. People will buy tickets and a tour guide will take them. In addition, I will have some workshops for school children near the school at the Belgian monument.

Artist statement

My specialty is to make a connection with people. If I have some ideas to make music, I can reach people who help and give me advice. Then, many problems are solved.


I want to be a professional musician, not for myself, but for people who need the music of beauty, healing. To do that, I will improve my inner self to make a pure sound.

Learned during the studies

I learned from all teachers, "what is music?". It is "light", source, and essential spirit for all humankind.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Regular recitals in Amersfoort, summer concert in Baarn, Zutphen, Doesburg, Zwolle, Nijmegen, Nijkerk, Den Bosch etc. I will give a tour at the carillon school in Amersfoort every Saturday from 30th April.

What are effective strategies to promote carillon art and carillon school in order to get attention and support by locals to maintain this precious culture in the future?

I research with sub questions.
1. How the promotion of carillon art to local people in Amersfoort has gone so
2. How do other cities, carillonneurs and carillon organizations promote their
3. What are possible promotional activities to reach local people in Amersfoort?
4. Who will benefit from my research and in what sense ?

Workshop in the Dom Tower

There is a toy carillon in the Dom Tower. I wanted to have music concerts or workshops there, but we have to pay 95 euro for a tour guide. So I gave up to do this.