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is a dynamic installation that combines my passion for dance with graphic design. Over the past few months I have been exploring ways of initiating, documenting and displaying movement, which I have incorporated into an interactive installation that plays with the tension between the audience and the work itself. Play defines body language and daily movement routines as sequences that can be choreographed. I see these movements as a dance that responds to the environment and situation we find ourselves in. Are we able to depart from our movement routines or are we imperceptibly dancing the choreography of something or someone else? 

Location: HKU Oudenoord Media, lokaal 2.22

Artistic statement

Turning inspiration from my surroundings into art in various media.

I am Yulin, graphic designer with a photographic character. Within my work, I find it interesting to approach (social) issues from different perspectives. Most of my inspiration comes from the absurdity and sometimes banality of the so-called "normal" life. Whenever possible, I try to combine my experience in dance, film or bio-art with graphic design, which often results in installation art. I'd like to bridge and explore the boundaries of other disciplines. As well as other countries. 

In fact, traveling is an important source of inspiration for me, as other cultures help me to broaden and enrich my artistic vision, as well as to put it into perspective.

My work sometimes provokes and teases a bit, but aims to create a dialogue between the audience, the work and the artist. 

With my artistic practice, I want to offer new perspectives that allow us to see each other, ourselves and our surroundings in a different way.


Upon completion of an intensive period of study, I intend to take a gap year to determine how I want to apply my acquired knowledge. After this, I would like to continue my education with a master's degree. I'm aiming to develop an independent interdisciplinary art practice that allows me to retain creative freedom, while remaining rooted in the field of graphic design. However, I would like to allow myself some flexibility in this regard. Since I have always been inspired by other creatives, I am open to exploring new possibilities that collaboration can bring as well.

Learned during studies

I reflect on an occasionally chaotic, intense, yet ultimately enjoyable period of study. During this time, I learned to have trust in process and myself, and to simply start creating. In my own creative process, for instance, I rarely had a clear vision of the final outcome. However, by persisting in trying new techniques and documenting the steps along the way, I was able to continue to inspire and surprise myself. 

Education // Exhibitions

Bachelor Graphic Design, HKU Utrecht. 
Exchange student at Graphic Design & Illustration, Konstfack Stockholm 
Intern at ABA ART LAB, Palma de Mallorca


De Verdieping, AG Utrecht 2022
The unconscious self,

Het kantoor van nU Gouda 2022 

Document Nederland Junior, 

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 2020