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Picterra’s Funky Fungi

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I’ve been fascinated by mushrooms in real life for a long time now. There’s so many species with weird shapes, colors and textures. Did you know some mushrooms glow in the dark? Or that some can be used to dye fabrics?? Whether you’re in a forest, in your garden or near some forgotten food, you can find fungi everywhere. I wanted to share some of my fascination with fungi with more people by devoting my graduation project to creating fantasy fungi based on weird and wonderful real life examples.

Artist statement

My specialty is stylized 3D art. I pride myself on the attention to detail I have in my work, in starting at the research and concept art. I like to put thought and research into my work so I can create believable assets, even if what I make doesn’t exist in the real world.


For the time being I mainly want to focus on finishing Picterra and expanding my portfolio. Me and the rest of Team SoepSoup have been working on Picterra for about a year now and I look forward to seeing what this project will become once it is finished. Not only because it will make for a nice portfolio piece, I also think it will turn out to be a very fun and beautiful game and I can’t wait to see what the reception will be once it is released. Please wishlist Picterra on Steam ;)

Learned during the studies

I think the most important things I learned at the HKU aren’t the things I learned in any classes, but mostly what my direction is as a game artist. When I started here I knew nothing about the process of making a game, I had only dabbled in 3D art and had opened a game engine about maybe a total of 3 times. But now I consider myself a decently competent 3D prop and environment artist and I am able to turn my 2D concepts into usable 3D assets.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Picterra - INDIGO Discover Showcase 2024