Ander maatschappelijk thema

Piano Recital

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I will play a piece:
- Scarlatti - Keyboard Sonata K. 87
- Beethoven - Rondo a Caprricio Op. 129
- Chopin - Fantaisie in F minor Op. 49
- Prokofiev - Piano Sonata No. 7 in B flat Major
- Kapustin - Concert Etude Op. 40 No. 1

Artist statement

Music is the way I communicate my emotions.


My ambition is to be a musician who could inspire people. As a musician, I don’t want to become only a performer, but I also want to build a social media platform for Indonesia that educates amateur musicians.

Learned during the studies

I learned that the most important thing as an artist is to be able to communicate with the audience.