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The project person A. is about the search for my identity. It covers different phases such as; appearance, behaviour, the outside world and acceptance. We humans are in constant transformation throughout life, and I want to show that. There is no right or wrong, no outcome or answer.

As a creator, I sometimes like to step into a different character and experiment with my identity. It feels like there are no rules, no judgment or eyes of others. For me it's a journey of discovery through what I could be. Only this is mainly my own secret. I document it on my own through film or photography, for example. Other people are not part of it, only indirectly. I feel shame and am careful in how I express or behave to the outside world.

The characters have arisen from things I long for or 'would like to be'. This film is a step towards less contrast between the different parts of me. Striving from the desire that I live less through the eye of the other, and more for myself.

Artist statement

As a maker it is an advantage for me to be vulnerable. Topics such as identity and mental health are often discussed. It fascinates me how people are put together and how they use their bodies and brains. How do we communicate, how do we process information and how do we express ourselves to the outside world. In addition, I am looking for ways to translate my own experiences into different media. With that I question and reflect on situations that teach and guide me. With this I want to make themes and taboos negotiable, prioritize communication and let people experience something in a new way. People are allowed to step into another world for a while.

Characteristics that come back in my work are surrealism, absurdism, dreaming and mysterious. This often gives my work a poetic layer that I find interesting. The poetic often does not immediately tell what is to be seen. This leaves room for own interpretation. In addition, I find discomfort a interesting given. The use of media differs and/or is combined. These include: film, photography, performance, writing, sound and illustration. I see it as challenging myself to keep developing. 


I'm going to stop studying for now. Focus on looking for work, and starting to build my base. In addition, I want to enter into partnerships and put myself more out there, both within the Netherlands and abroad. This is because I have built up connections in London during my Exchange that I would like to keep. Curatorship is something that also interests me.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

I have discovered my vision and what it is that I find interesting. The study has also been a growth in personal development for me. Strengthen and apply my own powers. Discovering the common thread in my work, my characteristics, my voice. Learned new techniques to broaden my knowledge. Viewing different perspectives. Dealing with feedback, criticism, being open to and learning from others. 

Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.


Kingston School of Art, London - Exchange Graphic Design, 2022
HKU, Utrecht - Graphic Design, 2019-present
Radius College, Breda - Mediavormgeving, Graphic Design, 2014-2017
KW1C, 's-Hertogenbosch - Mediavormgeving, 2012-2014

Glorywall, Kapitaal Utrecht, 2022
Speelveld, Academiegalerie AG, Utrecht, 2021
Spectrum, online expo, 2020
Cherry Berry, Dutch Design week, Eindhoven, 2015

2022: À Corps Perdu