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Permission to Disconnect

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'Permission to Disconnect' is a work about surveillance capitalism and privacy in a connected world set in to an alternate universe where the whole internet is a monopoly in a way companies like Google and Meta could only dream. The visitor can uncover a narrative and explore this universe by interacting with a desktop computer with a friendly vintage aesthetic.

As the user of this computer, the visitor can choose to make a life-changing decision for the protagonist (and for themselves).

Artist statement

Technology is everywhere around us, but to most of us it is just a tool. We see technology as morally neutral opaque things and processes, despite technology being built and designed by people with their own personal motives, political intentions and moral stances.

In my work I question our relationship with technology by creating provocative combinations of function, meaning and aesthetic. I shape software, hardware, and multimedia to my liking by creating my own, but also by modifying existing programs, objects, and images on a deep level."


I see myself in the world of free and open-source software and hardware, helping artists with whom I align by providing the technology needed to realize their visions and sometimes creating my own work. I am mostly interested in presenting work in non-profit spaces and projects.

Learned during the studies

Besides learning many techniques, also outside of technology, I have learned that there are never clear answers or a right way to do things and that there is always room for iteration.