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Periphery is a Visual Development portfolio inspired by two poems from scriptwriter Merlijn de Koeijer. Each narrative delves into the internal struggles of its protagonists, capturing the fringes of their personal dilemma.

Based on my research of Expressionism within sequential art, I carried this interest into the project as a focal point. This endeavour was exciting, as it allowed me to experiment with various techniques and styles in the visualization of comic pages.
Comic Page exploration 'The Upward Spiral'
Comic Page visualisation 'The Snake Girl'
Comic Page visualisation 'The Upward Spiral'

Artist statement

Hey! I'm Dari, I merge Expressionism with Magic Realism. Through different media, I try to bring concepts onto the canvas, be it analogue or digital. Experimenting is part of the process, and as such I find myself combining many types of visions. In my style, I explore a harmony between dark and delicate elements.


I long to find a voice through imagery, so I can express my interests and fascinations while sharing those of others. Drawing from the independence seen in artists I admire, I'm eager to chart my own creative journey.

Over the next five years, I plan to delve into collaborative projects and freelance ventures, refining my skills in both digital and traditional mediums. My goal is to develop an artistic identity that feels true and engaging, and ultimately, I’d like to pass on my passion and knowledge through teaching while having my own lil' gallery in whatever form that may be.

Learned during the studies

For now, I can definitely say that HKU, most of all, provided me a safe haven for growth, exploration and learning from challenges. My study helped me to think in the big picture. As I stand on the brink of graduation, I am particularly excited about the insights yet to come - The 'fruits' I will continue to collect from my experiences as a student.