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'Peripherie' presents a bundle of 3 poems in which the fantasy elements embody the problems of the protagonists. This collection is written by screenwriter Merlijn de Koeijer, and consists of ✣ The Upward Spiral ✣ The Snake Girl ✣ Moonlight.
In order to display each individual themes, I endeavoured in different style and material approaches. With each short narrative, Merlijn has drawn inspiration from her own experiences and put them into poetry pieces. And thanks to our shared interest in Expressionism and a curiosity towards the 'dark' aspects of life, this palette provided me with an exciting ground to go deeper into storytelling and the appreciation of it.
The Snake Girl - Layout Drawings

Artist statement

Hey! I'm Dari, I combine Expressionism with Magic Realism. Through different media, I try to bring concepts onto the canvas, be it analogue or digital. Experimenting is part of the process, and as such I find myself combining many types of visions. In my style, I explore a harmony between dark and delicate elements.


I long to find a voice through imagery, so I can express my interests and fascinations and share those of others.

Learned during the studies

Hm, my answer will probably look different once I am not a student any more. For now, I can definitely say that HKU, most of all, provided me a safe haven for growth, exploration and learning from challenges. My study helped me to think in the big picture.