Diversiteit en inclusiviteit

People I Admire

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"People I Admire" explores the self-expression found in queer nightlife, a space where authenticity thrives. Often temporary due to the unsafe nature of daily life for queer individuals. Phone cameras are covered for safety, leaving no evidence of this expression. When I meet someone whose expression I admire, I invite them to my studio and photograph them, exploring both their uniqueness and my own identity.

Artist statement

As a photographer, I'm looking for a way to capture the unique beauty of people I encounter in the queer nightlife scene in the photo studio. My focus is on self-expression, where I don't influence how the people I photograph look. My work is a celebration of diversity, community, and the courage to be oneself.

My photography is a means to inspire people who struggle to find their own self-expression and encourage them to embrace themselves. As I am on a journey to find my own identity, I feel a deep admiration for my subjects.

I am inspired by the people I meet in the queer nightlife and their courage to be authentic in a world that often rejects this. My goal is to give a voice to those who don't feel safe in everyday life and to create a space where everyone is seen and appreciated for who they truly are


In 5 years the photo book that will enhance this project will be published and sold in different book stores.
I can manage to live of photography and I won't need a side job.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

That my personal life involves way more in my art then I ever expected.

Overzicht van publicaties / exposities / prijzen / concerten / voorstellingen etc.

"People I Admire"
Kabul Á GoGo, Pride weekend
What You See Festival