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Party Pooperz

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PartyPoopers is a chaotic couch party game for two to four players, about 4 roommates competing against each other in throwing the raddest party ever.

In this game, each player picks a genre for their party and gets their own themed corner in the living room. The success of your party is decided by how many partygoers are in your area.

The players must battle for the ultimate party by claiming and stealing all the partygoers from each other, using items that are dropped by the guests during the game, or manually throwing the partygoers around. Don’t let your party get too boring, or you will be eliminated. When your party is the most booming, the music of the game will switch to your chosen party genre.

The Party goes on until sunrise (which is 5 minutes) and the player with the most partygoers in their area wins. The theme’s as of now are Metal, Drum & Bass, Hiphop, Jazz and Disco, each with their own unique character.

Character selection
Party Poopers screenshot

Artist statement

Hi there! My name is Valery and I am a 2d Game artist. During my time at HKU, I discovered my love for both concept art and creating fully rendered game-ready assets. I have a passion for designing and illustrating colorful characters and enchanting environments. Working and experimenting with colors and lighting is something I love.


Being a 2D game artist, my ambition is to broaden my skillset and venture into various realms of game art. While my current focus lies in creating concept art and UI designs, I’d love to take a dive into the world of animation. I hope to work in a game company that encourages my growth and allows me to continuously learn and evolve.

Learned during the studies

Through my journey at HKU, I've learned the importance of backing up my design choices. I now know I should strive to be able to explain why I pick certain elements and make specific decisions in my designs. I discovered the importance of doing research, to keep iterating and testing designs with the target audience. But most importantly, It may sound cliché: I’ve learned that it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as we strive to learn from them.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

Worked on Nailed it! Baking bash as a 2d game art intern at Paladin Studios. (Download it on the appstore, playstore or Netflix app;))