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Party Pooperz

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PartyPooperz is a chaotic couch party game for two to four players, in which four roommates compete against each other to throw the most amazing party ever.
In this game, each player picks a genre for their party and gets their own themed corner in the living room. The success of your party is determined by the number of partygoers in your area.
The players must battle for the ultimate party by claiming and stealing all the partygoers from each other, using items that are dropped by the guests during the game, or manually throwing the partygoers around. Make sure you collect the most points. When your party is the most booming, the music of the game will switch to your chosen party genre.
The party goes on until sunrise (which lasts five minutes) and the player with the most partygoers in their area wins. The current themes are Metal, Drum & Bass, Hip-hop, Jazz, and Disco, each with their own unique character.
The full art style guide.
Here the characters I made.

Artist statement

My passion as a 3D artist lies in creating art that brings joy to people. I often express this through my colorful 3D models, and I'm constantly seeking new ways to explore, experiment, and challenge myself.


In five years, I hope to be employed as a 3D artist by a game company and eventually establish my own business or work independently as a freelancer. Ultimately, I aspire to transform my love for creating art into a fulfilling career.

Learned during the studies

Throughout my studies, I acquired a lot of knowledge that was part of my development as an artist. This included not only doing my internship at a game company and initiating my own projects, but also inspiring courses like the core modules of game art.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

- Contributed to the development of "Push Your Family" by Meteor Mug
- Worked as a 3D artist on the "Chocolate Horse" videomapping project for the Alkmaar Light Festival.
- Participated at CNTR+ALT+PLAY - Reset Theatre with a VR experience called Beyond our Boundaries