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Party Pooperz

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Party Pooperz is a chaotic couch party game for two to four players, in which four roommates compete against each other to throw the most amazing party ever.

In this game, each player picks a genre for their party and gets their own themed corner in the living room. The success of your party is determined by the number of party people in your area.

The players must battle for the ultimate party by claiming and stealing all the party people from each other, using items that are dropped by the guests during the game, or manually throwing the party people around. Make sure you collect the most points. When your party is the most booming, the music of the game will switch to your chosen party genre.

The party goes on until sunrise (which lasts five minutes) and the player with the most points wins. The current themes are Rock, Drum & Bass, Hip-hop, Jazz, and Disco, each with their own unique character.
Shuffled rooms based on selection order of the player
Items for ingame
Wireframe for the Hiphop assets
Wireframe for the Jazz assets
Wireframe for the Rock and Roll assets
Wireframe for the Drum and Bass assets (With help for alot of these models from Chantal van Dinten)
Wireframe for the Disco assets
Main menu UI made by Valery Huisman, but I made the background environment
Rock and Roll Kamer
Jazz Kamer
Hiphop Kamer
Drum and Bass Kamer
Disco Kamer

Artist statement

Hi my name is Mitchell and i am 24 years old and i specialize in Environment art / Prop art. I have a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating immersive worlds. I try my best to make stunning environments and objects that are both visually impressive and functional in-game.
Im specialized in Blender / Substance painter / Unity and have some basic knowledge of Photoshop.


My ambitions are as followed:
- To keep improving my technical as well as my artistic skills to keep on making more advanced and better quality work
- Advancing my career to a point where i can work on some bigger and more high profile games / projects.
- Having a stable life without worry of where my next paycheck comes from and doing what i love to do.

Learned during the studies

The most important things that i have learned while attending the HKU are as followed:
- Overall better myself as a professional in the gaming industry and in general
- Learn and increase my technical skill in many programs that improved the quality of my work
- Grow as an artist
- Better my skills to work in groups as well as leading them.