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Parallel Rhymes

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As lines converge in a drawing, they unveil new potential shapes, including spatial patterns. It seems the world around us is constructed of these interconnected lines, bringing to life the material world as we navigate through it. What once were fluid landscapes now resemble in-between spaces of architecture, with buildings filling the earth and becoming the canvas for everything that unfolds around them. 

In a world increasingly defined by permanent structures and fixed architectural boundaries, 'Parallel Rhymes' argues for a landscape organized differently, revisiting a time when landscapes were fluid. In this publication, photography serves as the foundation for a visual narrative. The recurring visual motifs not only introduce but also advocate for a world that is less permanently constructed. 'Parallel Rhymes' aims to initiate a dialogue about the possibility of a world that is more adaptable and responsive to change.

Artist statement

I am Camille Schuurman, a graphic artist with an interest in print and an eye for photography. I am motivated and inspired by my surroundings and use my camera lens to frame it. The theme that keeps recurring in my work is the phenomenon of transience. My future goal is to become an expert in my craft and to involve other disciplines in the process.


After I graduate, my ambition is to expand my practice in print-related projects. In addition to expanding my practice, I aim to connect with other creatives, explore various disciplines, and ultimately, work in a multidisciplinary collective.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

Throughout my four years of study, I've learned that having fellow students to discuss your work with is one of the most valuable aspects of being in school. It's a way to reflect on your work and take other perspectives into consideration.