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Parabellum (Political Worldbuilding through Character Design)

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Parabellum is a 2,5D Role-Playing Delivery Game set in a world in the midst of a climate apocalypse. The world is inhabited by different groups with different ideologies. This project consists of 4 character designs each with their own ideology, status & experiences which reflected in their design, inspired by historical fashion from 1890-1910. The end product of the project is an artbook, including written worldbuilding, character concept art and turnarounds & environment concept art.

Artist statement

I am a 2D character concept artist. I always do a lot of research into historical and political context which results in thoroughly thought out designs with great attention to detail.


I hope to be working as a character concept artist in the game and/or film industry.

Learned during the studies

The most important lessons I learned during my studies are the general character design pipeline (and what works best for me therein), how to take engine limitations into account and that I can trust myself more than I think.