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Julia Hooy
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Through the sculptures of Julia Hooy, an imaginary world unfolds that manifests itself in shape, volume, texture, and color. While Hooy originally started with drawing, allowing her to freely associate and imagine, her sculptures emerge from a strong desire to materialize the figures and shapes that once appeared only in her drawings. Working three-dimensionally enabled her to open up new worlds entirely, turning every element into something physically tangible.
Brought into existence through a process that is as much imagination as it is exploration, Hooy’s sculptures emerge in a way that is not unlike drawing, progressing towards a final form while being continuously shaped. As they reveal parts of an inner world, the works recall mythical or epic designs that trigger the spectator’s fantasy. As such, they no longer solely belong to the mind of the artist, but allow us a glimpse of another world entirely.

Text by: Menno Vuister