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Michelle van Ketwich
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My current studio practice is a translation of my experiences in a world dominated by the internet and screens and my personal reality in which I try to give meaning to what I do and who I am. I create multidisciplinary works in which I materialize contemporary digital culture by performing it in traditional materials such as ceramics, plaster and paint. Here I find the tension between the material and the digital in terms of temporality; what is digital often comes and goes at high speed, while the material has a more eternal energy. At the same time, art objects cannot always be preserved because of their fragility, while the digital seems to live forever online or in the cloud.
I make work based on an archive of digital sources, books and films, as well as personal experiences and interactions. This is how I work with my own environment: everything around me in real life and online. I use cheerful colours, luster and humour not only for their own effect, but also to tackle subjects that actually have a darker edge. In this way I look for a connection between the everyday and the absurd, the synthetic and the natural, and between digital and material.