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explores embodiment in this digital era, the self and the relation between our digital reality and identity. I've been trying to dissect and understand the ways digital media and algorithms influence our reality, using her own body image as a starting point. With a focus on the discomfort I feel towards my body, influenced by digital and social media. For my final installation work I was led by the recommendations of my social media algorithms and what it wanted me to become and engage with.

Expressing this concept and the manipulation and distortion of images/ reality. I use 3D scanning to scan my sculptures and own body, using flawed glitching digital software transform the scans, and making these forms physical again (using textile). Repeating this process, a copy of a copy of a copy. Slowly moving further away from understanding the origin of the figures.

Artist statement

as a starting point of my work I explore my own relationship with my body (image) , in this western image saturated digital era. And try to expose the questions and feelings that arise in me going on this discovery of one's own body journey, through absurd sculptures, installations and digital work.


I would like to complete a master program abroad. And afterwards have a studio somewhere in a big city. Focusing on making multidisciplinary collaborative immersive work.

Learned during the studies

I learned a way of focusing down my curiosities and getting to the point. And overall trust in my own abilities. and friendship of course <3

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

"Beats in the woods"- NAR cafe der kunsten (Utrecht-2022)
"Hit the curb"- EKKO (Utrecht-2021)
scenographer for play: "een kleine reis"- Het huis (Utrecht-2021)


I asked myself, how did I end up being so uncomfortable in my own body and why do I care?