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Opkomen voor wie ik was

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Opkomen voor wie ik was (standing up for who I was), was a project in which I explored parts of my childhood and how it relates to today. With this exploration came themes of change in identity, my personal relationship with time and the temporary state of everything. Change is constant throughout life and within this work I tried to capture and process the changes I went through as a person.

Artist statement

I make abstract art in which I explore nuanced topics such as childhood. My art is based on my emotional state and/or life experiences. I try to depict the theme's in a way that communicates the message while leaving room for everyone's own emotional interpretation.
My work is often hard to define within just sculpture, paintings or installation. My work tends to blur the lines between the different disciplines. Just like our personhoods, it does not fit neatly into one category.


I strive to encourage conversation and thoughts about introspection through my art. Self knowledge is such an important aspect of life. Which not only helps on a personal level but also with the connections we make throughout our lifetime.

Geleerd tijdens de studie

Throughout my study I’ve earned a lot. The main lesson that stuck with me is to believe in what you find important. It can be hard to not give in to conforming to expectations, but the meaning and value sincerity gives is worth it.