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One In The Steam

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One in the Steam, 2022
Installation consisting of two elements that confront one another, including bricks, everyday wear, wall paint, 200-day journal.

Grey Monster (b. 2019), a species that evolved from the silverfish insect, their common name referring to the censorship’s light grey color, typically takes on a rectangular shape. Grey Monster brings destruction to the artist’s hometown. They redirect reality as they consume certain words and histories.

One in the Steam lives in the same world as Grey Monster. They melt what was once a form of strategic resistance into thinking about how art practice can be sustained under this unexperienced censorship that has become the new normal. One in the Steam acts as a brand exploring individual political agency in this divided society. They are trying to become obscure, to always exist in that constant state of remembering, but losing words to articulate the apprehension of the present. Quietly working and waiting to resist Grey Monster’s power.

As the rain stops, so does freedom. In the face of such disparities of power, Ming raises the question how individual power can resist the regimes that control our daily lives. She looks for which single brick in the wall could be taken out to make it tumble, to keep precious things, our identities and words that have disappeared, close to us.

Artist statement

Lo Yuen Ming (b.1990) is a Hong Kong artist currently living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In her artistic practice, she explores the aesthetics of ambiguity, specifically in relation to politics. By living hide and seek with her political stance, her work takes on the role of witness and carries information in the form of spatial installations.


I am fascinated by minimal images that sit between abstraction and political expression. Particularly highlighting the loss of freedom of speech. I wish to insert strategic resistance into thinking and testing how art practice can be sustained under certain censorship in this divided society that has become the new normal.

Learned during the studies

During 2 years of sociopolitical studies at MAFA, I analyze how politics influence the everyday lives of citizens and the specific cultural expressions and struggles which still happening nowadays.

From there to here, while acknowledging our background can frame perspective in many different ways, which sometime have differenties on communication. Nevertheless, MAFA provides us several oppuinities to share our practice for an interact with different communities.

200 Steps Story

A repetition of history. The "new normal" in 2022 has been in place for three years, Hong Kong has become a colony once more. "200-day journal" is a memory of freedom in the "2019 Hong Kong protests" which were erased with the National Security Law after the battle was lost. From here to there, from place to space in The Netherlands, "200 Steps Story" research the questions of how individual power can resist the regimes that control our daily reality lives.

One In The Steam (pop up store)

One In The Steam is a pop-up store which opening at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst on 8-19 June 2022.
One in the Steam acts as a brand selling everyday wear which for exploring the individual political agency in this divided society and art communities.