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Odysseas Papathanasiou Terzis Final Exam

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I am planning to perform 4 of my original compositions with different ensembles live and with video projection of a silent film.

Artist statement

I am a composer with specialty in film music. I am interested in combining the classical music as well as the contemporary technics in order to be able to tell a story with my music that will be suitable for films and scenes. I am interested as a composer to bring the classical thinking into the modern films.


My main goal is to work in the film music industry and compose music for major movies all over the world.

Learned during the studies

The most important thing I learned during my studies is the importance of connections in the music world, how to create them and maintain them. With good connections, new gigs or commissions always appear and get things flowing.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

-Berend Botje movie soundtrack 2021 (cinema,Netflix, DVD)
-Polymorphia piece presented in the STEP concert May 27-28 2022(commissioned work by STEP)
-Finalist of the NGC competition 2021
-Finalist of the Film scoring academy of Europe call for scores 2022