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In the shadow of loss… Stands a room that houses grief. A room that provides a space in which to contemplate lives passed…

The work ‘Object Mori’, centers on the banality of objects that were left behind after someone passes away. It focuses on both representative aspects of objects as, the ritualistic purpose the object can contain for the next of kin. The aim is to create a safe haven to contemplate and discuss the act of grieving. 


My mother passed away in November of last year. Her death became intertwined with my artistic discourse during the Master’s program. I focused on death culture and funerary customs before November. After her passing, I directed my research to the notion of a post-self and the grief I felt (feel). In my thesis: ‘Koud en wit en bleek’, I explore the loss of time perception experienced by those who are mourning a loved one. I started interviewing acquaintances who lost a parent at a young age, and, experimented with placing a theatrical frame upon biographical stories of bereavement. 

Artist statement

My art must have an impact. There has to be an underlying urgency in the topics I am dealing with as a maker. I believe that artistic research must be honest to be impactful. It has to discuss and deal with the aspects of life I have trouble dealing with myself. Art can act like mirrors in which we can see ourselves from a new perspective. Reenacting strong emotions and traumatic events on a platform can help the spectator process and cope with what he/she/they is dealing with. It makes them – and me as the maker – feel seen. My work shows how carefully curated symbolism and scenography translate into meaning and, making sense of our life and, by that, our deaths.


In five years' time, I hope to work full-time in the arts. I want to focus on making project-based and site-specific works. I'd love to showcase some of my work at festivals to a vast range of audiences. Especially to those who would normally not go to (more traditional) museums and theaters. I'd like to work on projects abroad and meet artists from many disciplines and cultures to bounce ideas from.

I also want to further the research I started during this Master's program. I am looking for a residency in which I can deepen my subject matter: the universality and poetry of death.

Learned during the studies

I have learned the importance of artistic research and creative writing during my Master's program. Utilizing Scenographic methods helps me deepen the subject matter of my concepts and, makes me aware of the theatrical framework in visual art.

Scenography focuses on a multiplicity of perceptions. These different modes of "seeing the space" helps me to be more considerate of the audience experience and its dynamic.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

I am currently a member of the artists association De Vishal in Haarlem (2022 - 2023). I was nominated for the ‘Young Master Award’ in 2020 for the graduation project of my Bachelor's.

// Publications & Talks
● I published research about dealing with the fragile mortality of my mother - during my first year of the MA Scenography - on the ‘Research Catalogue’ site (2022).

“By researching crematoria and graveyards I try to break the taboo surrounding grief and death. What are the elements of design at these places that could provide comfort? What are the stereotypes about death culture that prevents us from fully accepting what happens to us when we die?” (FINDING THE TIME AND PLACE TO SAY GOODBYE)

● I did an artist talk at Generatiehuis Akademie, to talk about my video work and the importance of female makers in 2021 at the theater ‘De Bres’ in Leeuwarden.

// Exhibitions
After my graduation in BA Fine Art, I worked as a part-time florist and realized the potential in botanical art. How flowers and plants decay, interest my desire to make work that situates themselves in the here and now. There is an underlying urgency when working with materials that have flaws, or end dates. This inspired some of my site-specific installations:

● Boring Festival. To be exhibited: ‘Laatbloeiers’. Curated by Maarten Claus.
Haarlem, 2023.
● Festival Haarlem Overdrijft. Exhibited work: ‘Scream and Shout', collaboration with Pauline Joris/Miss Bloem. Haarlem, 2022.
● Havenfestival IJmuiden. Exhibited work: ‘Een afscheid gedragen door de wind’. IJmuiden, 2022.
● Willem de Kooning Academy graduation show 2020/2021, Exhibited work: ‘Er komt een bui aan’, Rotterdam, 2021.

My graduation work from the Bachelor Fine Art ‘fuck. volgens mij doe ik feminisme verkeerd.’, is an art installation that consists of videos played on pink colored TVs. In these videos, I play into feminist stereotypes and partake in improvised performances. This work highlights a paradox between “super” feminism and misogyny. This work got exhibited at a few different places:

● Exhibition during ‘IFA, International Film Festival Assen’. Assen, 2023. https://
● Group exhibition ‘Hier en Nu’ by Media Art Festival (MAF). Curated by Irene Xochitl Urrutia. Leeuwarden, 2021.
● Group exhibition ‘ALL INN’ in Het HEM. Curated by Joke Hoeven en Rieke Vos. Zaandam, 2021.
● Group exhibition for the festival ‘Fem Fest’ organized by WORM and curated by Kontra. Rotterdam, 2021.

Other exhibitions include:

● Group exhibition 'In Limbo' by first-year MA students in Scenography (HKU). Exhibited work: 'In a Second'. Utrecht, 2022.
● Exhibited during ‘Lacuna Art Festivals’; Festival de Arte Lanzarote/ Lanzarote Arts Festival 2020 (digital edition due to Covid-19). Exhibited work: ‘And I?’. Lanzarote, Spain, 2020.
● Group exhibition ‘Shifting Perspectives’ organized by fourth-year minor students of Critical Study (WdkA) in TENT. Exhibited work: ‘Het Peperkoekhuis’. Rotterdam, 2019.
● Exhibition Arthallen curated by ‘NOW’ in the Foodhallen. Exhibited work: ‘Pictures of Transparency in History’ and ‘Tulpen voor Nicolaes’. Rotterdam, 2019.
● Group Exhibition in Café ‘Dizzy’ during ‘North Sea Round Town’. Exhibition during North Sea Round Festival. Exhibited work: ‘#beacat'. Rotterdam, 2018.
● Festival ‘Parksessies’, Exhibited work: ‘The North Korean Office of Tourism’. Curated by Maarten Claus. Haarlem, 2017.