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Artist statement

In my practice I focus on the relationship between material and emotions. When I come across certain objects, such as a screenshot from an old Barbie movie or my mother's baptism dress, I am overcome with a complex mix of emotions. It is a feeling of both comfort and discomfort that is difficult to fully explain.
I want to explore these emotions more deeply and identify the core elements that create the contrasting feelings. By enhancing these elements in my choice of material, I create abstract handmade sculptures and installations that convey the mixed feeling of comfort and sadness to my audience. The emptiness in the shapes of my work creates breathing space for the audience to fill in and feel.
For me, material and handwork are essential to my practice. Every material carries its own life and personality, with different qualities and natural shapes that are similar to the unique characters of people. By combining handwork and the characteristics of the material, I believe there is a transformation happening resulting in a new object that is neither mine nor the materials.



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Trailer, AG, 2023
nominated for Dooyewaard stipend 2023