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It is based on my relationship with my mom.

Artist statement

Art for me is to capture the moment when Hannah’s hand made cake touches my tongue, when wind carrying the bright sunlight touches my curtain with pink floral prints. Those meetings through my eyes or nose or hearings going into my body generate a sensorial or emotional experience. The complex experience, I believe, can start from a simple scenario with a specific smell or light or sound. The direct example is how we experience mother’s smell. Through this specific smell, the memory with mother involved would reappear and the multilayered feeling would be triggered. To speak the unspeakable is one part of the beauty of the sculpture. I am not able to describe the smell of my mother with words as this smell becomes a symbol. I understand symbol as a compound of physical entity and all the possible facts around it. The verbal description of the smell will deliver the physical part of the body but would fail to convey the all directional experience around it. In my practice, I start my sculpture with elements from this simple scenario to explore how it can be spoken by the sculptural language. How a body of sculpture talks always fascinates me. I experience a sculpture work by how it stands, how it fill in space and how it opens space. How it stands shows the gravitational relationship. How it fill in or opens space shows that the sculpting happens both in positive and negative space. Combining with the material choice, it provides a bodily experience from which a deeper and complex expression can be evoked. Another part of the beauty of the sculpture for me it the stillness of the perpetual motion. The still body of the sculpture can be restless like a hundred fifty degree bended knee which always desires to be opened or closed.

I start my sculpture with my body experience and receive it through my body experience. In this sense, my body is my context.



Learned during the studies


List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

2022 Recycling the image-group show Amelisweerd, Utrecht NL
Together Apart- online group show WILLOW, Contemporary online space
Peek- group show HKU, Utrecht NL
2023 Trailer- group show AG, Utrecht NL

2022 Eat me/Feed me, Help me/Need me by Caz Egelie- performer
Boschparade, Den Bosch NL
Metopia by Martyna Pekala- performer HKU Graduation show, Utrecht NL

2021 The Neighbor Who Lives Upstairs by Monika Nowak- performer
HKU Graduation show, Utrecht NL

Where is my mom

where is my mom? I want to explore this question to return to myself and reach out to the outside. There will be three chapters from three aspects arguing about this topic. The first chapter is to expound the question where is my mom. For the first part, I will try to give a scope to the question where is my mom. And addressing through tracing back to my early memories, the bridge between me and myself, me and the viewer, the viewer and themselves can be built. The second aspect is where is my mom in my memories which can play the body, that is, content of the first aspect. The absence of my father and other family members created a closed and intense environment for me and my mom, which deeply influence how i am as a person. I will introduce a series of stories which are based of my memories where my mother is directly or indirectly part of. these stories can be my real experiences or my fictional ones which add to the dimensions of the motherhood i experienced. For the third part, I want to discuss how I use the language of sculpture to express my experience of motherhood. Sculpture language refers to the spatial characteristics of sculpture, material selection, sculpture size, surface treatment, etc. By synthesizing these considerations, a physical experience is offered to the viewer. from physical experience I wish to tigger a mental or emotional experience.

moonlight earrings

It is based on my relationship with my mom