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Leon van den Boogaard
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'Nationhood' is the result of an experimental investigation into the structure and stratification of the phenomenon of national identity. What started with a thorough theoretical approach to the subject evolved into a visual and exploratory process.

The experimental research eventually resulted in a short film. 'Nationhood' shows 3D image fragments of a mystical dimension. Compositions of symbolism, particles and fibers shape the stratification, structure and expressions of national identity. Through the synthesis of moving images and sound, we consider phases of exclusion, assimilation and connection.

In this way I want to emphasize that the phenomenon is a collective fact that develops simultaneously with changes in society, and that it should serve as its connective tissue of society.

The imagined abstraction offers the audience room for interpretation and allows for consideration without adopting an equally biased attitude. In this way I want to initiate a deeper thought process in order to consider one's own relationship with and interpretation of the phenomenon.