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Music from the Living Room

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"Music from the Living Room" is the title of the Blebiru album released in 2020. Along with later compositions, this project reflects on the passage of time and the way we experience it. Through a combination of live music, sampled sounds and fragments from Greek television, this performance comments on the collective subconscious as experienced in a postmodern context, with a neurotic urge to make sense out of a world where absurdity seems to be the only reality.

Artist statement

Creating and performing original material with people I love and admire is very important to me.
When it comes to text, I try to write things that are as personal as possible but at the same time can resonate with other people. With my poems and prose I try to show the things that connect us in a subconscious way, whether that has to do with our background, our experiences, our past or our present.
When it comes to bass playing, I strive to make the instrument as vocal as possible and explore its possibilities in improvisation, melody and solo compositions.


Ideally, in five years I would like to be able to make a living only by performing live original music and by doing studio work, whether that means playing or producing.

Learned during the studies

In my studies at HKU I learned how to invest in my curiosity whether that has to do with composing, arranging, recording, performing but also with researching history.
Another important thing I learned was how to plan for the future, with clear goals and steps that will get me there.

List of publications / exhibitions / prices / concerts / shows etc.

- Simple Songs for Lonesome Lovers (2018)
- Point Nemo (2019)
- Urban Whale (Αστικό Κήτος) (2019)
- Equilibrium (2019)
- Naked & Pure (Songs of Coffee) (2019)
- Music from the Living Room (Μουσικές απ' το σαλόνι) (2020)
- Plagiarismo! (2021)
- Nest EP (Φωλιά) (2021)
- Tocupo Project (Solo improvisation album series)